Lemuel Gomez Dear Customer,

We hereby introduce our dynamic cleaning service company operating as Nu-Image Cleaning Services LLC. Our company started back in 2004 serving Fort Lauderdale, FL and moved to Gainesville, FL in 2014 to provide local clients with premium cleaning services. We live by our motto, “If we can’t clean it, no one can!”

As such, we provide more than just routine cleaning. Our cleaning service company offers completely eco-friendly cleaning packages to satisfy our clients’ needs for safe and effective cleaning solutions. We also focus on areas most cleaning service providers overlook – areas where bacteria tend to accumulate, such as phones, doors, door handles, light switches, and anything else that may come in contact with the property’s occupants. Furniture, picture frames, and tops of file cabinets are also wiped during every visit. These are only some of the services we provide at no extra cost.

By employing our cleaning services, we assure you that will not be bound by any contract. Instead, a simple agreement and terms paperwork with price, schedule, and cleaning specification is all we need to provide the services that you need. Our prices are guaranteed for at least one full year. Rest assured that we will do the entire job at every scheduled appointment per your specification. As a cleaning service company that does not cut corners or rush through the cleaning process, we guarantee to complete each cleaning project in a professional and timely manner.

The next time you need help in cleaning your property, make us your first choice! We have set our cleaning service company apart from the rest by providing the best services at affordable rates so we are confident that we can provide you the solutions you need for a better value. We look forward to establishing a beneficial and lasting relationship with you.


Owner Lemuel Gomez and the Cleaning Experts of Nu-Image Cleaning Services LLC